Flat round evil eye beads- 12mm-30 pcs

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Product Description

Turkish evil eye – 12mm flat round evil beads- strand for red, yellow, green, blue, white bead- evil eye set of 30 beads – beads for bracelet

* 1 listing include: One 12mm strand with color of your interest. (strand include minimum 30 beads)

*Material: Glass
*Color: mixed color, orange, yellow, green, red, purple, white, blue, Opaque blue,
*Size: 12mm
*Quantity: 1 strand for each

* You can choose colors at check out.

– 12mm: 30 beads

The conversation of sizes in the following:
– 12mm ↔ 0.47”

For the accurate size please check the picture that shows in my hands.

**Our evil eye beads are all handmade individually in Turkey so they would be slightly different – shows the natural design of each piece.

** For wholesale, Please contact for special price!

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