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Has your Evil Eye Broken?


It is believed that if your Evil Eye amulet cracks or breaks, it has done its job of protecting you from some misfortune or bad luck and should be replaced!

Carry an evil eye with you at all times – You’ll never know when someone might be giving you the evil eye

The Hamsa, The Hand, Hamsah, Khamsa – A universal sign of protection

The Hamsa, is an amulet popular throughout the Worldwide, Commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings.

The open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many times throughout history, The Hamsah is believed to provide defense against the evil eye.

The Hand (Khamsa),  is a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power and strength.

Uses for the Evil Eye

  • Hang a small Evil Eye amulet from the rear view mirror of your car
  • Keep an Evil Eye charm or bead in your purse or wallet
  • Place an Evil Eye wall hanging on or near your door at home or office. Windows are another great place to hang an evil eye amulet or evil eye wall hanging… the light shines through the translucent evil eye glass.
  • Use an Evil Eye charm or zipper pull on a jacket, purse, gym bag, backpack or any other zipper.
  • Evil Eye shoe charms go everywhere you go.
  • Add an Evil Eye charm to a favorite watch band or bracelet. You can also add an Evil Eye charm or several different evil eye charms to plain hoop earrings.
  • A Colorful Mini Evil Eye Charm is great for attaching to the closure clasp on a necklace or bracelet.
  • Send a greeting to friends with a frame Evil Eye Notecard. Just add your own personalized good luck message. You can also add a gift frame with the notecard and they can later frame it for an evil eye picture to hang anywhere!
  • Glue an Evil Eye Bead onto a candle, attach one to your computer monitor or any other accessory in your home or on your desk at work.
  • The Evil Eye makes a terrific office gift as an Evil Eye Desktop Paperweight!
  • Decorate a houseplant or a holiday tree with Evil Eye Amulets in assorted sizes. The lights on a holiday tree will shine through the translucent blue glass.
  • Don’t forget your cat, dog or other pet… Attach an evil eye charm or bead to their collar!
  • Place front and center an Evil Eye Glass Bulb on a holiday tree… or give an evil eye glass sphere ornament as a gift.
  • Keep several small Evil Eye beads or charms on hand to give to guests or enclose in cards or as package ornaments. They make perfect party favors or event hand-outs.
  • As well as the Evil eye bracelets, you may also wear Evil Eye pendants, Evil Eye rings, and Evil Eye earrings. All pieces of Evil Eye jewelry are equally effective in protecting the wearer from jealousy, maliciousness, hatred, and other curses and evils of the Evil Eye. However, if you are not fond of wearing jewelry, or do not wish to wear the Evil Eye jewelry, you may buy Evil eye car accessories, Evil Eye cell phone charms, Evil Eye stickers and magnets, Evil Eye keychains, or glass Evil Eye decor.

These Evil Eye items and accessories would take care of you and your family members well being and happiness.

The Evil Eye in Modern Life

The evil eye has powerful influence in modern life, pop culture, and jewelry and design. The Evil Eye is ingrained in everyday life and has deep symbolism throughout the culture and traditions go back thousands of years.

Today, even in the modern world, we are surrounded by symbols whose beliefs and traditions go back thousands of years. They have succeeded in their most important function of guarding and protecting their secrets and confidential information.
Many early cultures adopted the eye as an icon for their protection, others used Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima and so over time the most popular universal symbol became an eye placed in the palm of a hand.

Blue nazar Boncugu (nazar boncuk) or the evil eye bead as it is more widely known. People hang a small evil eye amulet from the rear view mirror of their car, keep several small evil eye beads or evil eye charms on hand to give to guests, hang an evil eye near their door in the home or office. Glass evil eyes are worn, in the form of jewelry; evil eye bracelet, evil eye necklace, evil eye anklet, gold or silver evil eye charms and evil eye pendant, evil eye earring – ring and blue evil eye talisman…

Belief in the evil eye, and the means by which to repudiate it, represents an important part of the human psyche – the collective need to understand and control the natural progression of our lives, as they are affected by illness and other seemingly unfair acts of nature, and to maintain in everything a fair and equitable balance.