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Evil Eye Protection Methods

The most widespread method of protection against Evil Eye is the use of talismans, amulets and evil eye jewelry, which are meant to “reflect back” the power of the evil eye look. They are known as the nazar and they are designed with concentric blue and white circles; usually worn on white, red or black string.

Another powerful amulet is Hamsa, also known as The Hand of Fatima. The hamsa is a hand shaped amulet with the evil eye positioned on the palm.

It has long represented blessings, power and strength and thus seen as patent in deflecting the evil eye.

In Kabbalah, a red string attached to an evil eye pendant or a hamsa hand can ward off misfortune. The string is worn on the left side as it is considered that the left is the receiving side of the body and soul

Interesting Facts about Religion and Hamsa Jewelry

It is amazing to see how Hamsa has held similar meanings for so many different cultures and religions.

Christianity – The Hand of Mary

The Hand of Mary was meant to protect woman. The Hand of Mary traditionally was supposed to boost fertility and ensure healthy pregnancies.

Islam –  The Hand of Fatima

Islam views the hand of fatima as divine protection. It is also said that the hand, hamse, translates to five which represents the five pillars of Islam. The talisman is comprised of the right hand with each finger representing a member of Fatima’s family. The thumb depicts Mohammed the first finger, Lady Fatima, the next depicts Ali, her husband, and the final two represent her sons Hasan and Husain.

Buddhism – The Buddha, Protective Mudra

In Buddhism, Hamsa is meant to serve as Buddha’s gesture for protection and teaching.

Judaism – The Hand of Miriam

To the Jews the five fingers of hamsa remind the wearer of the hamsa to stay in tune with the five senses to praise God.