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Designing home decors & accessories based on Evil Eye started as a hobby while studying Architecture, then it became a passion and a full-time job. My website allows me to continue my creative life on a platform that I enjoy every process, begins by discovering mystery of Evil Eye and designing unique products for our precious customers. Since childhood, I’ve been surrounded by creativity. I was inspired by my father’s genius projects and mother’s designing & paintings around the home. While my mother designing precious figures with evil eyes, my father produces them accordingly.

After high school, I discovered my creativity. I loved designing and creating products with my hands and make them unique with the meaning of evil eye. During my Architecture classes, I focused on the spiritual meaning of evil eye & hamsa hands and their strength of protection. During my education, I decided to take a break and discover life in USA/ Europe. I tripped many cities at the USA (PA, NYC, DC, AZ, CA) and at Europe (Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, Denmark). I learned a lot about history, architecture, design and fashion. I also met many people who believes in strength of evil eye and always keep it for protection.

When I came back to Istanbul, I felt sudden urge to help my family and contribute on their handmade works. I inspired by their previous experiences and ended up creating home décor & accessories line called EVILEYEFAVOR. I am now working with my family and I love every aspect of my job: designing, creating, producing and marketing. But most of all, I love engaging with customers and hearing feedback from people who love and respect what we do!

In addition, along with this exhausting process, the most encouraging thing that keeps me motivated is to see my design being shipped out of the door and handed to a happy customer somewhere in the world that I’ve never been.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story!

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