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Do evil eye bracelets work and how to cleanse evil eye bracelet?

I am divinely protected against anyone who wants to see me fail, drain my energies and cross my boundaries. May every evil eye upon me go blind.

The belief in the "evil eye" and the use of talismans, such as the evil eye bracelet, to protect against it is a longstanding tradition in many cultures, including Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures. The idea is that a person can cast an evil spell on another person by giving them the "evil eye," and that the talisman will provide protection against this.

There are several ways to cleanse an evil eye bracelet, depending on the tradition or belief system you follow. Here are the some common methods that Evileyefavor suggests include:

  1. Washing with holy water: This method involves submerging the bracelet in holy water and then leaving it to dry in the sun.

  2. Smudging the evil eye: This method involves passing the bracelet through the smoke of burning herbs, such as sage, myrrh, or frankincense, to purify and cleanse it.

  3. Moonlight: Leave the evil eye bracelet under a full moon for a night.

  4. Visualization: Sit quietly and focus on your intention to cleanse your evil eye bracelet, visualizing any negative energy leaving the bracelet and being replaced with positive energy.

  5. Cleansing the evil eye with crystals: Place the ojo turco bracelet with some crystals that is believed to have cleansing properties such as selenite, black tourmaline, or hematite.

Ultimately, the best method for cleansing your evil eye bracelet will depend on your personal beliefs and practices. Whichever method you choose, it's important to approach the process with a sense of intention and focus.

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  • Do i need to cleanse all the glass evil eye wall hangings in my house regularly.

    Parijoy Saha

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