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Evil eye Tattoo meaning and evil eye tattoo design ideas

Today, tattooing is widely used in all societies. For most people, getting a tattoo is a silent means of communication with society. Every tattoo may not have a meaning, but the person who have on her/his body should feel that it looks beautiful. At the same time, the person who gets a tattoo of a favorite shape can attribute a meaning to it later on.

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In particular, we see that people who have spiritual shapes such as evil eye tattoo and hamsa tattoo decide to have tattoos based on their meanings. The tattooists we interviewed especially prefer to have the evil eye bead tattoos done in areas where other people can see them in daily life. Small evil eye bead tattoos usually look very nice on the wrists and neck. The hamsa shape is also preferred in more more private parts of the body.

Many celebrities have had evil eye tattoos. These; Katy Perry evil eye tattoo on her wrist. Lucy Hale had an evil eye bead tattooed on her left ankle for evil eye protection. Chiara Ferragni has an evil eye tattoo on her finger that looks like she wears an evil eye ring. If you have not decided to get an evil eye bead tattoo on your finger like Chiara, you can order a ring from our evil eye rings section with worldwide free shipping.

Evil eye tattoo design ideas from celebrities

If you are going to get an evil eye tattoo, you can take a look at the shapes below. At the same time, we come across people who have our evil eye wall hanging designs tattooed. As Evileyefavor, we have produced thousands of evil eye bead motifs for more than 20 years and we continue to produce them. We are very happy to see some of our designs as tattoos of people in different parts of the world.

If you can't decide to get an evil eye tattoo, I recommend you to visit the evil eye bracelet, evil eye rings or evil eye necklace sections. First of all, you can go through the decision-making process by starting to wear bracelets, necklaces and rings for evil eye protection.

May every evil eye in your life go blind. You can find more information about Evileyefavor Blog



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