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Hamsa hand emoji

Hamsa Emoji is a blue open hand with an exactly outlined eye in the center of the palm. 
Hamsa Hand emoji evileyefavor
Hamsa Emoji has various colors and images depends on the platform use; 
    • At Apple: Hamsa Emoji is navy blue with evil eye in blue
    • At Google: Hamsa Emoji is gray with evil eye in blue 
    • At Facebook: Hamsa Emoji is blue with evil eye in white
Hamsa Hand emoji meaning from evileyefavor
The origin of Hamsa comes from Arabic culture and Hamsa is derived from “five” which represent five fingers of the palm. Hamsa, a palm-shaped symbol, is very important in many cultures and religions. Hamsa also has different names at various of cultures. For instance; it is called “Hand of Fatima” in Islamic culture, “Hand of Mariam” in Jewish community and “Hand of Mary” in Buddhist culture. 
It is believed that Hamsa Hand is such an important talisman which brings luck, patience and faithfulness. It is also emphasized that Hamsa Hand brings happiness, health, good fortune, prosperity, power, endurance and abundance to its owners. The eye in the center of Hamsa Hand is called “Horus Eye” in many culture and it is believed that it keeps evil eyes away from its owner. 
Because of the significant meanings of Hamsa Hand, it is commonly used in accessories, jewelries & home decorations. Many celebrities like Jay-z and Britney Spears prefer wearing Hamsa Hand necklaces and they believe the blessing power of Hamsa Hand. 
Besides jewelry, Hamsa Hand is also popular for tattoo ideas. It is believed that Hamsa Hand tattoo always provides luck, safety and protection to its owner by carrying at their body. While women prefer to get Hamsa Hand tattoo at wrist, hands, ankle and should blades, men gets tattoo to their chest, biceps, legs and forearms. 
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 Hamsa Hand emoji evileyefavor

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