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How do I protect my new house from the evil eye?

Do you need to protect your home from evil eye?🧿

When you buy a new home or move into a new home, all eyes can be on you.If your neighbours and acquaintances are interested in this issue, it increases the likelihood of evil eye contact. For this reason, evil eye wall hangers will be a beautiful decorative object for your home and will protect your home against evil eye.

So where should I hang the evil eye bead at home?🧿

You should hang the evil eye bead in the most visible part of the house. Especially the exterior door entrance is suitable for this. Glass evil eye beads are good at this.

evil eye wall hanging

In addition, when your loved ones move to a new house, it would be a very original gift to present them with evil eye beads as a new home gift.

All our diverse cultures and beliefs, the act of hanging a evil eye charm on our doors to bring luck or evil eye protection always work.

evil eye wall hangings

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