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How to get rid of evil eye?

Do you think that are you affected with evil eye? Here are the some symptoms of the evil eyes and we will also tell in detail how to get rid of the evil eye? Do you feel Sudden laziness, sleeplessness, apaty or random headaches that moves from one part of the head to the another? Or do you think that you have repeated bad luck and misfortune? Does your reactions are extremely negative the the smallest things ? so you may be affected with evil eye so how you will get rid of the evil eye? The best option is to use evil eye in all parts of your life, here are some examples; Uses for the Evil eye Blog 

Now, here is the 5 main information of how to remove evil eye; 


You can use mirror to protect you from negative gaze. You can use it for home decoration or by carrying it on you. For example, even mirrored glasses will help you conserve your energy. For example, hanging evil eye beads near your mirror at home will also increase protection.

Safety Pin,

A safety pin attached to the inside of the garment. By combining it with a dress with evil eye safety pin, it will create an elegant addition and protect you from the evil eye. The needle needs to be removed once a week and left open overnight to recover its own energy. This allows him to absorb fresh energy, regenerating his defense. If it has changed colour, throw it away, because the evil eye on it, because it has gathered the energies of jealousy, it means that its colour has turned, it can no longer fullfill its task, replace it with a new one.


To protect your home from the evil eye, always have a bowl of salt in a corner in your home. And crystal stones. These will protect the pure energy of your home and the peace of your family and will help protect you from the evil eye. To protect yourself at work or on the road, you can put salt in a handkerchief or bag and take it with you or you just simply wear an evil eye bracelet for protection.


Every day should begin with prayer. And it is necessary to repeat these prayers every day, only in this way you can recharge you. Praying for getting rid of evil eye, regardless of religion will make you well.


It symbolises prosperity since ancient times. They believed that with this they could attract happiness into their homes and frighten the dark forces. You can also use horseshoe symbol in your accessories or horseshoe evil eye wall hangings.

 To disperse the negative energy on you; Take a walk in the wooded parks and woodlands, touch and love them. You can even share your feelings with them. Remember they are alive. Love nature and don't forget to thank and give thanks  🧿  🧿  🧿

Bonus; check trending evil eye home decors, such as handmade evil eye pillows, evil eye crochets and evil eye coasters.


  • Someone cast a evil eye spell on me when I was born and I have not had any good luck since what should I do

  • so basically i did egg cleanse and it was very scary tbh. Ive had some history with a certain EX of mine and his current girlfriend is very VERY envy of me and JEALOUS but yk keeping my mind on the positive and trying to be clean (as my beauitful dwarf friend told me) i sent it back and im scared shes gonna take over my life and change her name into mine and like start playing roblox and the guitar or start going to my shool and fighting ith everyone like i do, honestly i really have a certain feeling towards her and its not a good one.
    feeling : scared

  • I would like to get rid of the evil eye away from t haunts me for a very long time..i need good luck and the curse to be broken from me and my family

    Sonia Caswell
  • I think I was given the evil eye at work. What should I do?

    Amy L Stevens
  • Thank you,
    So do I need to get a pastor ate a Avangelis to prey over my jewelry to become a protective ornaments

    Emma Arnold

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