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One of a spring tradition - Martenitsa

Martenitsa is a tradition celebrated with the arrival of spring. Awakening and renewal with spring is symbolized by martenitsa. In March, the soil meets the water in the northern hemisphere. One of the festivals gathered under the name of spring Feast, Nevruz Festival celebrations are on March 21 and the arrival of spring is also welcomed with the celebrations of Hıdrellez on May 6.

Martenicka bracelets are worn throughout the month of March. With the arrival of spring, the martenicka bracelets worn in this tradition are removed  when a swallow or stork is seen and tied to the first tree branch that blooms in spring.While tying the martenicka bracelet, it should be said "my white destiny" and hang it on the tree branch by saying whatever wish s/he has.Some believe that these bracelets, which are red and white, should be used until they break.  At the same time, when you wait long enough, your wish will come true while wearing this martenicka bracelet.

It is believed that these martenicka bracelets bring abundance and fertility to people. Martenicka's are also believed to ward off the evil eye and diseases.It is also believed that the white color in martenicka bracelets brings long life, and the red color brings health and strength.It is believed that red and white together protect from the evil eye.




The special martenitsa bracelet, which is prepared in red and white colors, should be worn by the person they love by making a wish. Martinka is also attached to animals such as lambs and colts for their protection, health and breeding.

According to another belief,  the red represents the blood in the martenichkas, and the white represents the purity. at the history of Marteniçkan is based on Noah's Flood. A bird that announces the appearance of land carries a piece of white string in its beak. When this bird is injured , its blood drips onto the white thread and this martenicka protects the wearer from the evil eye and evil for the soul of the read, and brings abundance and prosperity.

Martenitsa bracelets, which is a Bulgarian tradition, can be given as gifts to school friends and colleagues, they are a very special gift alternative for March. Martenicksa bracelets are handmade. As the Evileyefavor team, you can keep this tradition alive with your loved ones with the martenickas we made with evil eye beads. Also you can combine a red evil eye bracelet with white evil eye bracelet to create your own evil eye martenitsa bracelet. Also you can choose our evil eye martenitsa bracelets.


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