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Protection from evil eye

The Evil Eye, or some from of it is present in many cultures and belief systems. Protecting yourself from evil eye is simple and the effects of an evil eye curse can be life altering and dramatic. Here is the ways that how you can deal with the “EVIL EYE”: 
It is thought that wearing a representation of the Evil Eye will protect you from those who would cast it upon you. These are usually blue but come it many different colors. 
Placing a mirror above your threshold is said to reflect any evil eye curse back to the sender. Mirror can also be hung in the car, in windows and in high traffic areas of your home. 
- Images of Snake/Basilisk: 
In Ancient Greece the word for the “Evil Eye” was Baskania, and the Basilisk is said to be named for it, since it is able to petrify and kill those who are bitten.

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