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The Evil Eye in Modern Life

The evil eye has powerful influence in modern life, pop culture, and jewelry and design. The Evil Eye is ingrained in everyday life and has deep symbolism throughout the culture and traditions go back thousands of years.

Today, even in the modern world, we are surrounded by symbols whose beliefs and traditions go back thousands of years. They have succeeded in their most important function of guarding and protecting their secrets and confidential information.
Many early cultures adopted the eye as an icon for their protection, others used Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima and so over time the most popular universal symbol became an eye placed in the palm of a hand.

Blue nazar Boncugu (nazar boncuk) or the evil eye bead as it is more widely known. People hang a small evil eye amulet from the rear view mirror of their car, keep several small evil eye beads or evil eye charms on hand to give to guests, hang an evil eye near their door in the home or office. Glass evil eyes are worn, in the form of jewelry; evil eye bracelet, evil eye necklace, evil eye anklet, gold or silver evil eye charms and evil eye pendant, evil eye earring – ring and blue evil eye talisman…

Belief in the evil eye, and the means by which to repudiate it, represents an important part of the human psyche – the collective need to understand and control the natural progression of our lives, as they are affected by illness and other seemingly unfair acts of nature, and to maintain in everything a fair and equitable balance.

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