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What does the symbol evil eye mean?

We will tell you about what does the evil eye mean and what does the evil eye symbol meaning in different cultures briefly.

Nazar means that a person is negatively affected by the looks of those around him or her.  This belief exists in many cultures, especially the Greek culture. In the past, they attributed many diseases and deterioration of people's health to the evil eye. Actually, this is related to energy transition, so humanity uses evil eye bead, also called blue bead, to ward off the evil eye.

The evil eye bead can exist in many forms. The evil eye bead, which we encounter in drawings on ships in ancient times and in many glass and ceramic arts, is also used as a fashion object today.

So what does the evil eye mean? The history of the evil eye bead dates back to ancient times. The evil eye bead, which has existed in different forms in many societies and cultures for thousands of years, is also known for its protection against evil eyes and bringing luck. Some also call it lucky beads. The meaning of the evil eye is the same all over the world, and the evil eye bead is used to protect from evil eyes. Throughout history, in many cultures and religious beliefs, the eye figure has been accepted as a powerful talisman that drives away evil.

As we are Evileyefavor our family produces evil eyes more than 60 years back in Turkiye and We are both surprised and very happy when our productions come across in various parts of the world in a way we never expected.

Edit1: When I shared my blog on the Facebook group of We're mad about Greece and Greek Language, some of my friends give extra information about evil eye.  Christos Kassapis commented that it's real name is Vaskania, the enemy of the Greek church. It can go away instantly with this Vaskania prayer in Greek. Also Julie Soleggiato informed that it is called "matiasma (μάτιασμα)" or"ματάκι" (mataki) , when someone is ill-disposed towards to you and his gaze sends you bad energy and bad luck. So, this blue eye protects you from the other person's evil eye. Τhe wish for "cleansing" from the evil eye is spread from male to female and tubalin to have power.

                           what does the evil eye mean?

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