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What happens if your evil eye breaks? What does it mean when your Ojo bracelet breaks?

It is the most important of the evil eye protectors widespread in Anatolian geography and possibly related to the shaman period.  Since people with light blue eyes and keen eyes are believed to be the main source of the evil eye, the blue bead in the shape of the eye is considered an evil eye protector. According to the common belief among the people, these beads, which are carried on the body, crack and break as a result of the evil eye.  It is believed that this breakage protects people from the evil eye.

Some scientists have tried to explain this phenomenon with bioenergy. According to this explanation, there are ultraviolet and infrared rays in the eyes of people, and if these rays are transferred to the other person with the feeling of anger, anger and jealousy, it causes damage to that person or being. Because the biological balance of the opposite being is disrupted due to this energy.

Nazar is considered to be more effective to beautiful people, property, property owners, people who are famous among the people, people who are successful in their business, newly married young people, new born cute children, newly bought cars, newly bought houses. Because all the beautiful formations that create human attraction and will are in front of the eyes, they are envious and exposed to evil eye.


  • I had an evil eye pendant in my back pocket and when I sat on the floor, it broke. What does this mean? Do I repair the eye by gluing it back. will it have the same effect as before. Need to know. Thanks.

  • I wanna get a fortified blue eye how can I get it am in Africa


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