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Which hand to wear evil eye bracelet?

Nowadays, women use nazar bead bracelets as accessories for many of their clothes.Since the figure of the evil eye bead is in many cultures, we see that many famous people in different parts of the world wear evil eye beads.

So on which arm should we wear our evil eye bracelet?

In the picture below you can see the evil eye bead bracelet that Zayn Malik gifted to Gigi Hadid.ย Zayn Malik wore it on his left arm and Gigi Hadid wore it on his right arm.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid evil eye bracelet

Our suggestion is to wear it on your left arm. The left side of your body reflects your emotional side. It is also the side of your heart, so it is appropriate to wear it on the left arm to protect it from the evil eye. Also wearing it on you on your left arm could be a nice complement to your watch.


  • Evil eyes

    Sanjana singh
  • Can i wear a Evileye bead in a silver chain as a anklet.. Also which hand shud worn n is a bead good or hamsa good

  • I Wanted Know
    On What Wrist Should The
    7 Knot Bracelet And The Evil Eye Bracelet Be Woren On?

  • โ€œnice compliment to your watchโ€ huh???

    leslie velasquez

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