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Does evil eye have to be blue?

Can the evil eye be any color?

Evil eye beads are shaped like eyes generally. Eye is also called as “boncuk”. The eye is one's window to the world, and the eye is regarded as the starting point for good and bad thoughts. Therefore, blue-colored stones, which are believed to have absorbent properties, have been used since ancient times to protect them from glances and bad eyes. Nowadays, various kinds of evil eye beads of different colors are also used, but the most widely accepted evil eye bead color is blue.

According to beliefs, the most common method of protection from the evil eye is to wear various talismans. For example, the red bracelet worn on the left wrist, the belief that red catches the gaze as an active color and sends the aggression back to its owner. Blue evil eye beads are also among the most common talismans, and possibly based on the principle that the “same poles repel each other.” Blue eyes were seen as the owners of bad looks in the Middle East. However, blue is considered protective because blue is also the color of the sky.  Another common amulet in ancient cultures Hamsa, which is  also known as Hand of Fatima  is also usually blue.

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